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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Alexandra and Steve's Reception

The Bouquet:
Alex's colors were purple, teal and lime.  In this bouquet, I tried to capture Alex's colorful playfulness.  I used a couple of shades of purple to add depth to the bouquet, and made a festive handle to match the feel of the wedding overall.  I used peacock feathers and peacock crystals throughout the bouquet.

 Detail of the handle:
Lattice style purlple and lime ribbons criss-cross over the teal base.
Alex and Steve had a peacock theme.  The boutonnieres added a unique element while furthering the theme of the wedding.
 Cake Topper
The cake topper used fresh flowers from the wedding theme and peacock feathers.

I used fans to decorate the gazebo that housed the cake.  They added a bright and festive flair to the area without detracting from the cake.

Lanterns and tissue balls were used throughout the reception area.  They added color and interest.  Additionally it gave a bit of an asian/exotic feel, which went along nicely with the peacock theme.

The monogram was used to decorate the popcorn bags at her popcorn stand.

Peacock Theme:
I created this picture for her sign-in table.  It let the guests see immediately the relevance of the peacock feathers incorporated throughout the decor.  I also really liked the symbolism!

Centerpieces and Tables
The wind today was awful!  It was a panic setting these up, but with a lot of tape, we got the tablecloths stuck down, and luckily the wind died just before the reception began.  Curse the East Spanish Fork bench wind!

For the centerpieces, I used a sprig of curvy peacock feathers, which added a more interesting visual than single peacock feathers.  I used lime green orchids, which had a little purple center, and purple lisianthus in tall colored vases.  The vases are my favorite find of this wedding.  They were on sale half-off, and had all of the wedding colors!  They added an exotic flavor more than a traditional eiffel tower vase would have.

The chair ties were tied vertically, and consequently made a bigger statement than they would have if they were tied horizontally.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Tanda and Neil's Reception

Tanda and Neil's wedding was very unique. They held their reception at the rustic Broken Oar Restaurant in Moab, Utah. For her wedding, Tanda wanted her decor to look natural, yet elegant, with white oriental lilies. Her wedding had a fishing theme, and her colors were cobalt blue and lime green. This wedding proved an enjoyable challenge.

For the centerpieces, I used fragrant white oriental lilies with greenery. Each vase has a different and unique fishing lure attached to the ribbon around the vase. On the longer tables, I used 3 vases. The other tall vase has a white fish in it.

In this picture, the fish are actually white and not orange goldfish. Two of these were placed on the cake table.

This was an area near her sign-in table. We decorated this area with a green garland, cream votives and black and white photos of Tanda and Neil.

Here is her sign-in table. Her sign-in album was genius! The quilt was sewn by her mother to match her wedding colors. It was so intricate. We set up the arrangement and a set of candles to set off the arrangement, and used the quilt to hide the restaurant's cash register.

Other Flowers: Corsages, Boutonnieres, Hairpieces

Hairpieces: For her bridesmaids, Tanda wanted lily hairpieces. I found lilies that had lime green centers on their petals, and created a jeweled center for each one, gluing the flowers onto alligator clips. For the babies and really little girls, I created headbands.

I loved the bouquet's handle. I used pleated white ribbon, with a button and ribbon in the center. The bouquet had white lilies, green hydrangeas, white peonies and roses, and some little blue flowers. Boutonnieres: I used mini lilies and eucalyptus to make the boutonnieres. They were adorned with green ribbon, little blue flowers, and jewels in the center of the lilies.

The mothers' corsages were made of the same lilies as the hairpieces and jeweled centers, but with the addition of blue and green organza ribbon. A brooch pin was fastened onto the back of the flower.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Wedding Idea: Sunflowers!

I haven't had the opportunity to do a wedding like this, but I think it would be darling. Here in Utah, sunflowers grow profusely along roadsides all throughout the summer. It would be a very romantic idea to go pick your own wedding flowers--and inexpensive!

You could use mason jars or watering cans to hold your sunflowers, and make it a sunny country themed wedding!
Pretty color ideas related to this theme: