Welcome to The Jade Flower! If you are a botanist, you'll notice that a jade flower is commonly found on a jade plant, also known as a money tree. That's what I'm here for, to save you money!

As a savvy bride, you have a lot to plan and a lot to buy. If you're like most of us, you don't want to spend more than you have to, but you want the most beautiful and unique wedding that will reflect your uniqueness and creativity.

The Jade Flower combines the creative control, cost-effectiveness, and uniqueness of the done-yourself wedding, without any of the anxiety, costly mistakes, or work!

Simply email me at jadeargyle@gmail.com. Type in your name, your colors/theme, the package you're interested in, and any pictures of flowers/ideas of what you want, or email for a one-on-one consultation.


A key factor in this process is your input.  I want to know what you want!  Do you want a frosty crystal winter wonderland or a springtime romantic garden? Half the fun of your wedding is deciding what you want it to be like. So, show me your ideas, and I'll show you what I can do.  Your wedding will be completely one of a kind!

The Penny-wise Princess Includes: 7 centerpieces (minimal/no flowers), your bouquet (silk*), a toss bouquet (silk*), 8 corsages/boutonnieres (silk*), 7 table overlays of your choice of color.  $500 wow!

The Balanced Beauty Includes: centerpieces (flowers), your bouquet (silk*), 8 corsages/boutonnieres (silk*), 7 overlays of your choice of color, 56 chair ties (white tulle),  $600

The Complete Queen Includes: centerpieces (flowers), your bouquet (silk*), 8 corsages/boutonnieres (silk*), 7 tablecloths and overlays of your choice of color, 56 chair ties (white tulle), lighting/ceiling decor. $750

The Encompassing Empress Includes: centerpieces (flowers), your bouquet (flowers), 8 corsages/boutonnieres (flowers), 7 tablecloths and 7 overlays of your choice of color, 56 chair covers & 56 ties (your choice of color) lighting/ceiling decor, backdrop, 7 tables & 56 chairs. $2050

Made to Order: Includes any combination, mix, and or customization of the above packages.  Please email me EXACTLY what items from the package you would like me to include and/or design.  Your cost will be adjusted accordingly.  Additionally, if other items are not on this list, but desired (e.g. banquet tables, cake tables, etc.), please let me know, and we'll see what we can do!

*Why I recommend silk bouquets:  

1.  You can't tell them from real flowers (can you tell which bouquets on my site are fake?) Especially when you are one of the few that hold it.

2.  You can keep your bouquet forever looking pristine without paying a fortune to preserve it.

3.  It lasts throughout the day without wilting, bruising, or losing petals; no need to refrigerate between wedding day events.  At the end of the day it will still be perfect.

4.  It provides more flexibility and creativity with flower types and design, thus being more likely to give you what you want.

5.  It is less mess:  No need to keep it in water or in a safe place.  Simply pass it off to a friend to carry.  Also, no worries about it dripping water or rubbing pollen on your dress.

My guarantee:  You will have beautiful and unique decorations to your complete satisfaction!