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Monday, July 4, 2011

My first project: My own!

Our Centerpieces: I had a green apple theme, (Colors: Navy blue, lime green, and white) so I chose to have monogrammed large green apples. The bowls were my splurge here, I loved the wide open shape. They looked so elegant. My cake maker (fantastic!) continued the theme under the cake, lining it with rows of green apples.

This was my favorite part of my wedding: the paper lanterns. We used lots of white lights and wrapped them around everything, accenting with paper lanterns. When it got dark, they glowed beautifully. (don't they say in interior design, lighting is everything?)

Above: My inspiration for this idea, found on theknot.com. Below, I modified it for the Japanese flavor of my reception and folded large paper cranes instead.

Parasols: Again, more Japanese influence. I loved what a big statement and splash of color they made.

The Flowers: Great flower, the asian lily. They have huge white blooms and long stems with interesting leaves. Plus, if you order them in season, they are a fantastic price for such a dramatic statement. I used large vases and placed them at various locations around the yard.

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