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Monday, July 4, 2011

Teresa & Drew's Reception

Centerpieces: Teresa's colors were a sunny yellow and silvery gray. We wanted to carry a lovebird theme throughout, so we incorporated a birdcage style candleholder, partnered with forsythia and alstroemeria lilies for a woodsy effect that worked well with her reception center. The small mushroom bird on the candleholder added a nice touch.

Birdcages: As some accent pieces, Teresa had a few birdcages which she was hoping to put flower arrangements in. I created a kissing ball made of yellow roses and daisies, sheltered in forsythia, carrying the woodsy lovebird theme.

Other accents: Here I used a large square vase with gray ribbon to house some festive sunflowers. It resulted in clean lines that was both formal and fun.

The Bouquet: My favorite part! For her bouquet, Teresa wanted yellow calla lilies with pearl pins. The stem is wrapped in organza with pearl pin "buttons" I used pearls inside each calla lily, and used grass loops as greenery. It looked very artistic.

The corsages and boutonnieres: I used calla lilies to tie in Teresa's bouquet, using more pearls and grass loops. I loved how they turned out with the grass accents. They looked very striking against the mens' black suits.

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